Using state of the art technology, we are perfecting the art of recreating reality into photo-realistic VR experiences.

With LIDAR scanning and photogrammetry techniques, we take high resolution scans of buildings (internal and external), objects and people, and recreate them digitally.

Still intact with ultra high resolution textures, we have evolved a pipeline that can keep all of the model and texture detail in place whilst still being able to perform at 90fps through any of the top VR Headsets.

  • Photogrammetry

    Photogrammetry and LIDAR allow us to digitise real objects and display them in high resolution. From furniture to buildings, we can supply a digital model of any object for use on product websites, VR experiences, game assets, Architectural plans and much more.

  • 6 Degrees of movement

    Our technique allows full movement within the environment, as if you were walking there yourself. Rather than looking around at a static panorama, this is a full recreation of the scanned environment with full mobility.

  • Historical/Cultural

    These techniques can be used to digitise existing historical sites for posterity or analysis. We can also create VR tours of historical sites to show areas of cultural interest to anyone in the world, or for experts from abroad to analyse archaeological areas

  • Photorealism

    Our aim is to recreate real spaces or objects so that they cannot be told apart from the original, whether on a website, in a game or in a VR environment through goggles. Imagine a product website where your customers can look at the product in 3D and from any angle.

  • Architectural plans

    The models we create can be used in any 3D modelling software including Revit and 3DS. This means that you can work out building plans to fit around the scanned existing structures without visiting the site.

  • Bespoke pipeline

    Recreating reality is not easy, keeping full res textures and details alive whilst still being compatible with consumer machines has forced us to create bespoke software to fit into our pipeline and make the process more efficient.


Get in touch to discuss your project. We can help design a concept VR experience or give advice on how best to scan and capture your space or object.


Below are examples of some of the objects and interiors we have scanned.

The Low resolution 3D models below may take time to load textures and lighting and will need a computer with a capable GPU. Open one at a time if possible. Final models are rendered at many times the resolution of the below to enable use in 4k gaming or VR. Contact us for more details




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